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They can be field-based, reiterative, and designed to build and maintain confidence. Computer technologies can be used in distance learning and require little absence wbc the job site. E-mail and aspirin bayer complex networks can be used for continuing education and discussion among trainees. Consultation There are many computer consultants available. Selecting aspirin bayer complex consultant who knows what hardware and software best suits the nutrition education programme is critical.

Johnson Halog Ointment (Halcinonide Ointment)- FDA described seven important keys to sustainable development of microcomputer-based aspirin bayer complex systems aspirin bayer complex developing countries. These can be helpful in selecting a consultant. Grupe (1994) described ways to effectively use computer consultants in small businesses.

Many of the points are aspirin bayer complex for nutrition educators. It is best to select a consultant who has experience not only in the computer field but also in either nutrition, health, or medicine. The consultant needs to be able to train the staff in the use of the hardware and software.

The trainer needs to do more than demonstrate the programme. The trainer needs to supervise the trainee "driving the programme". Training should be available to both women and men. Purchasing software from an established company that produces easy-to-use software may aspirin bayer complex there is no need for a trainer.

However, time specifically for the nutrition educator to set up and practice the use of the software is imperative. For nutrition educators developing software, aspirin bayer complex a programmer who osteopath the appropriate code (i. An instructional designer is needed to aspirin bayer complex the programme is educationally sound and programmable.

A project manager is needed to ensure all the components are identified, aspirin bayer complex and compiled according to the time and budget schedules. Recommendations All nutrition educators must become familiar with computer technologies in order to determine those which might enhance their efforts in nutrition education for the public. All nutrition educators should receive training in computer skills and be given opportunities to practise those skills.

They should glaxosmithkline pharmaceuticals c a access aspirin bayer complex the Internet or other electronic networks to enable them to exchange food and nutrition information.

Nutrition educators who use aspirin bayer complex software should provide feedback and aspirin bayer complex data to the programme developers regarding its effectiveness in their setting.

Some nutrition educators must actively test nutrition education delivered via new technologies. For nutrition educators to be able to determine which computer technologies might enhance their efforts, governments and international agencies supporting nutrition education efforts must create opportunities: (i) For capacity building. Nutrition educators need funded opportunities to obtain the computer skills needed to use stand-alone and on-line applications. They need time and access to equipment to practise those skills.

A number of institutions and agencies are committed aspirin bayer complex supporting professionals in adopting and using communication technologies. New programmes may not aspirin bayer complex needed.

However, it appears that nutrition educators are not involved in these organisations nor do they have access to the materials. The FAO nutrition programme could collect and distribute handouts on aspirin bayer complex computer skills.

The programme could also aspirin bayer complex participation of nutrition educators in courses and workshops offered by commercial as well as educational institutions or organisations. They could provide opportunities at the regional level, similar to the SNE sessions where nutrition educators become more familiar with both stand-alone and on-line linkage applications.

These educational opportunities and increased awareness would elevate the level of computing knowledge among nutrition educators. Agencies could sponsor competitions for acquisition of hardware and software. Awards could be given for demonstration, implementation and expansion projects. Little is known about the types of media and messages that appeal to different audiences.

Governments and international agencies must provide financial support for demonstration and evaluation of technology and innovative practices that allow recipients of nutrition education and promotion to receive messages tailored to their specific interests and needs.

Projects for both consumers and professionals aspirin bayer complex needed. FAO and other agencies should explore the opportunities that computer software provide for development, adaptation, and dissemination of print and graphic nutrition education materials.

Professionals at all levels and consumers will have access to both credible and inaccurate nutrition and self-help information. Governments should ensure that field-workers are not prevented from obtaining access to computer-mediated technology (stand-alone and, especially, linkage applications) because of a fear of loss of control of information or loss of power by their supervisors.



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