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The editorial policy of the European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR) is to publish high quality, original papers that contribute to the methodology of operational research (OR) and to the practice of decision making. With application papers, originality may be demonstrated by applying OR to a problem with interesting new aspects or by providing fresh insights leading to successful implementation.

Practitioners often suffer from the need to conceal commercial secrets. Referees will take this into sympathetic consideration when advising on an application boehringer ingelheim russia, but it will not be allowed to detract from clarity of the presentation.

Production, Manufacturing and Logistics 4. Stochastics and Statistics 5. Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology 7. Interfaces with Other DisciplinesThe boehringer ingelheim russia classification will be based on the EJOR keywords (see the list at the end of the instructions). Moreover, there will be three categories of special papers called invited review, case study and short communication.

A review may be either on a boehringer ingelheim russia research topic, a tutorial, or a bibliographic survey. Anyone interested in writing a review boehringer ingelheim russia requested first to suggest a topic to one of the editors or to a member of the editorial board of EJOR.

A case study should describe an actual problem solved in an innovative way. A boehringer ingelheim russia study may be worthy of publication simply because it can be used to convince managers of the value to be gained by applying OR to particular problems.

A short communication category includes technical notes, comments on published papers, papers contributing to the debate on perspectives or a present status boehringer ingelheim russia OR in education, practical management, etc. All submitted papers that conform with the editorial policy will be refereed.

However, the manuscripts that do not, will be rejected without refereeing. Authors of articles within the scope of EJOR are invited to submit four copies of their papers to one of the editors as described in Section 9 (Keywords) of these Instructions to Authors. Submission to EJOR implies that the paper is not submitted to any other journal at the same time.

The refereeing process will only start after the editors have received four copies personality test myers briggs the paper which contains an abstract and keywords (see Section 9). Authors not conforming with this policy will be requested to boehringer ingelheim russia four boehringer ingelheim russia copies; the editors will not make insertions. Manuscripts should be written in English.

Authors are encouraged to obtain assistance in the editing of their papers for proper use of English prior to submission. Manuscripts must be typed on one side of the paper in double or one-and-a-half line spacing throughout, with wide margins.

Pages should be numbered consecutively. A duplicate copy should be retained by the author. Name(s) of the author(s): for information retrieval, please specify your name always in exactly the same way; initials or given name first, and family name last.

Full mailing address(es), including e-mail, of the author(s) should be given, at the institution where the research has been done. If the current mailing address differs, this should be supplied in a footnote. Please indicate the corresponding author.

An abstract should be given with every article.



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