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Horoscope best advances of controlled drug delivery using microfluidic platforms. Chiang WL, Ke CJ, Liao ZX, et al. Pulsatile drug release from PLGA hollow microspheres by controlling the permeability of horoscope best walls with a magnetic field.

Thorsen T, Roberts RW, Arnold FH, Quake SR. Dynamic pattern formation in a vesicle-generating microfluidic device.

Nisisako T, Torii T, Higuchi T. Droplet formation in a microchannel network. Zhang H, Liu Y, Wang J, Shao C, Zhao Y. Tofu-inspired microcarriers from droplet microfluidics for drug delivery. Nie Z, Xu S, Seo M, Lewis PC, Kumacheva E. Polymer particles horoscope best various shapes and morphologies produced in continuous microfluidic reactors. Colloidal assembly route for responsive colloidosomes with tunable permeability.

De Geest BG, Urbanski JP, Thorsen T, Demeester Horoscope best, De Smedt SC. Synthesis of monodisperse biodegradable microgels in Sitagliptin Metformin HCL (Janumet)- FDA devices. Tan WH, Takeuchi S.

Monodisperse alginate hydrogel microbeads for cell encapsulation. Clausell-Tormos J, Lieber D, Baret JC, et al. Droplet-based horoscope best platforms for the encapsulation and screening of mammalian cells and multicellular organisms. Chang J-Y, Yang Horoscope best, Huang K-S. Microfluidics for producing polylactide nanoparticles and microparticles horoscope best their drug delivery application.

Polymer microfabrication methods for microfluidic analytical applications. Jo BH, Van Lerberghe LM, Motsegood KM, Beebe DJ. Three-dimensional micro-channel fabrication in polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) elastomer.

Xia Y, Whitesides GM. Angew Chemie Int Ed. Guerin LJ, Bossel M, Demierre M, Calmes S, Renaud P. Simple and low cost fabrication of embedded micro-channels by horoscope best a new thick-film photoplastic. Proceedings of International Solid State Sensors and Actuators Conference. Mescher MJ, Swan EEL, Fiering J, et al. Fabrication methods and performance of low-permeability microfluidic components for a miniaturized wearable horoscope best delivery system.

Fiering J, Mescher MJ, Horoscope best Swan EE, et al. Local drug delivery horoscope best a self-contained, programmable, microfluidic system. Schomburg WK, Ahrens R, Bacher W, Martin J, Saile V. AMANDA - surface micromachining, molding, and diaphragm transfer.

Sens Actuators a Phys. Rogge T, Rummler Z, Schomburg WK. Polymer micro valve with a hydraulic piezo-drive fabricated by the AMANDA process. Zhao X, Bian F, Sun L, Cai L, Li L, Zhao Y. Microfluidic generation of nanomaterials for biomedical applications. Herranz-Blanco B, Ginestar E, Zhang H, Hirvonen J, Santos HA. Microfluidics platform for glass capillaries and its application in droplet and nanoparticle fabrication.

Pessi Horoscope best, Santos HA, Miroshnyk Horoscope best, Joukoyliruusi J, Weitz DA, Mirza S. Microfluidics-assisted engineering of polymeric microcapsules with high encapsulation efficiency horoscope best protein drug delivery. Olanrewaju A, Beaugrand M, Yafia M, Juncker D.



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