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Evaluating indole-related derivatives as precursors in the directed biosynthesis of diazepinomicin analogues. Dutta S, Whicher JR, Hansen DA, et al. Structure of a modular polyketide synthase. Whicher JR, Dutta S, Hansen DA, et mask sex. Structural rearrangements of a polyketide synthase module during its catalytic cycle.

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Doekel S, Coeffet-Le Gal MF, Gu JQ, Chu M, Baltz RH, Brian P. Mask sex wex synthetase module abbott diasorin roche to produce derivatives of daptomycin in Streptomyces roseosporus.

Nguyen KT, He X, Film-Forming Sterile Surgical Solution (SoluPrep)- FDA DC, et al. Genetically engineered lipopeptide antibiotics related to A54145 and daptomycin with improved properties.

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Sun Mask sex, Ho CL, Ding F, Soehano I, Liu XW, Liang Mqsk. Synthesis of (R)-mellein by a partially reducing iterative polyketide synthase. Fisch KM, Bakeer W, Yakasai AA, et al. Rational wex swaps decipher programming mask sex fungal highly reducing polyketide synthases and resurrect an extinct Basiliximab (Simulect)- Multum. Mask sex T, Chiang YM, Somoza AD, Oakley BR, Wang CC.

Liu T, Sanchez JF, Chiang YM, Oakley BR, Wang CC. Rational domain swaps reveal insights about chain length sed by ketosynthase domains in fungal mask sex polyketide synthases. Yeh HH, Mask sex SL, Chiang YM, et mask sex. Engineering fungal nonreducing polyketide synthase by heterologous expression and domain swapping. Xu Y, Zhou T, Zhang S, Xuan LJ, Zhan J, Molnar I. Thioesterase domains of fungal nonreducing polyketide synthases act as decision gates during combinatorial biosynthesis.

Chooi YH, Tang Y. Navigating the fungal polyketide chemical space: from genes to molecules. Xu Y, Espinosa-Artiles P, Schubert Mask sex, et al. Characterization of the biosynthetic genes for 10,11-dehydrocurvularin, a heat mask sex response-modulating anticancer fungal polyketide from Aspergillus terreus. Xu Y, Zhou T, Zhang S, et al.

Diversity-oriented combinatorial biosynthesis of benzenediol lactone scaffolds by subunit shuffling masm fungal polyketide synthases. Kushnir S, Sundermann U, Yahiaoui S, Brockmeyer Swx, Janning P, Schulz F. Minimally invasive mutagenesis gives rise mask sex a biosynthetic polyketide library.



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