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The Models of Permafrost for Arid and Alpine RegionsKrass, M. Development penetrex the Elements of penetrex Mechanism Accounting and Analytical Support of Economic Security of Construction EnterprisesAltukhov, P. Approaches to classifying building innovations while implementing information modeling and project managementDmitriev, A.

Orthodoxy and modernity their contact facets in russian societyOrekhovskaya, N. Limiting Wave Regimes during the Spatial and Time Development penetrex Disturbances in Falling Liquid FilmsBeloglazkin, A. Expanding the chemistry of single-ion conducting penetrex liquid)s penetrex polyhedral boron anionsLozinskaya, E.

Regional differentiation of support of youth innovative entrepreneurship system in the Union stateVladimirovich, M. Implementation of international experience in support of youth innovative entrepreneurship in the Union stateIvanovich, G. Socio-economic importance of state support for penetrex innovative entrepreneurship in the economic development of the stateAharonovich, A.

Institutional framework for entrepreneurship of regional innovation systems of the union stateAharonovich, A. Implementation of the principles of innovative entrepreneurship in penetrex field of penetrex servicesGennadyevich, B. Entrepreneurship of regional innovation systems of Russia and Belarus as a factor of socio-economic transformation in the national economyAharonovich, A. Integrated corporate reporting as an innovative business reporting modelProdanova, N.

Concerning Neural Networks Introduction in Possessory Risk Management SystemsKhachaturyan, M. Deep Learning Approach for Prognoses of Long-Term Options BehaviorBogdanov, A. Error Detection in the Decentralized Voting ProtocolBogdanov, A. Upper level processes patches projects penetrex buildingKholod, M. Smart Innovation, Systems penetrex TechnologiesVolume 143, 2019, Pages 267-27611th Penetrex International Conference on Penetrex Decision Technologies, KES-IDT 2019; St.

Integration of the quality management and strategic management systems into unified management system of enterprisesAndreeva, T. Characteristics of olmetec plus sports in sports relations penetrex in RussiaBratanovsky, S.

Penetrex modern paradigm of advertising in the light of sustainable business developmentMamedova, N. China-USA: Ibs episode vector of "trade war"Mikheev, V. The financial literacy assessment among students majoring in the field of financeBelousova, T.

Motivation and motives of juvenile delinquentsErofeeva, M. Russian middle classes criterial identificationBobkov, Penetrex. Adaptive selection penetrex the business model for a network enterpriseBatkovskiy, A.

Penetrex experience penetrex intermodal railways freight traffic as labor productivity factorAlferov, V. Cognitive preconditions and interaction pfizer product between university students in the information environmentShukshina, L. Journal penetrex Advanced Research in Dynamical and Control SystemsVolume 11, Issue 6 Special Issue, 2019, Pages 600-604360.

Key indicators penetrex innovation activity of Russia (From 2011 to 2017)Kovalenko, K. The penetrex of studying legal protection of rights on innovative creations: The case of entrepreneurship educationZakieva, R. Models penetrex business education in Russia and their main competitive advantagesKovalenko, K.



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