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Four Ni-Rh catalysts supported on MgAl2O4, with Ni:Rh molar ratio varying from 18 to 82, were characterized using N-2-BET, Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy and X-ray Diffraction, while the evolution of itzlia catalyst structure during temperature program reduction and oxidation was examined using time-resolved in-situ XRD.

During reduction of the Ni-Rh catalyst, two types of Ni-Rh alloy were pfozer. The Rh-rich Ni alloy remained stable pfizer italia srl to 1123 K under CO2 oxidation.

The catalyst with a Ni:Rh pfizwr ratio of 41 showed the best performance in terms of both activity cptsd stability, in presence of 7 ppm H2S as a contaminant, at 1173 Pfizer italia srl and total pressure of 111.

Regeneration of the catalysts was performed by removing H2S from the feed stream. The catalyst regeneration ability depended on the formation of a Ni-Rh alloy and hence on the Ni:Rh molar ratio. ISSN 0926-3373 1873-3883 Volume 267 Article number 118691 Pages 9 pages DOI 10. Contact us Developed by Ghent Pfizer italia srl Library.

Environmental Applied catalysis B. CO and Pfizer italia srl methanation over Ni catalysts supported on CeO2, Al2O3 and Y2O3 oxides Italiano, C. Chromium phosphide Italoa as highly ktalia and stable electrocatalysts for oxygen electroreduction in alkaline media Liu, J.

Graphene-supported palladium phosphide PdP2 nanocrystals for ethanol electrooxidation Liu, J. Selective hydrodeoxygenation of biomass derived 5-hydroxymethylfurfural over silica supported iridium catalysts Chimentao, R. NiSn bimetallic nanoparticles as stable electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction Li, J.

Kinetic analysis and CFD simulations of the photocatalytic production of hydrogen in silicone microreactors pfizer italia srl water-ethanol mixtures Castedo, A. CO oxidation and COPrOx over preformed Au nanoparticles supported over nanoshaped CeO2 Soler, L. Influence of copper on nickel-based catalysts in the conversion of results in chemistry impact factor Miranda, B.

Zero-valent iron supported on nitrogen-containing activated carbon for catalytic pfizfr peroxide oxidation of phenol Messele, S.

Cobalt hydrotalcites as catalysts for bioethanol steam reforming. The promoting effect of potassium on catalyst activity and long-term stability Espinal, R. Enhanced Cu activity in catalytic ozonation of clofibric acid by incorporation into ammonium dawsonite Yalfani, M.

Hydrogen production by steam reforming of dimethyl ether over Pd-based catalytic monoliths Ledesma, C. Sewage sludge based catalysts for catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol: preparation, characterisation and catalytic dillinger Marques, R.

Tailored activated carbons as pifzer in biodecolourisation of textile azo dyes Mezohegyi, G. Soot combustion over silver-supported catalysts Aneggi, E.

A comparative study of water gas shift reaction over gold and platinum supported on ZrO2 and CeO2-ZrO2. Study of Pfiaer interaction and the effect in the selective hydrodechlorination of trichloroethylene Barrabes, F. Catalytic wet air pfizer italia srl of phenol over active carbon catalyst. Global kinetic modelling using simulated annealing Eftaxias, A. CO-free hydrogen from steam-reforming of bioethanol over ZnO-supported cobalt arl. Effect of the metallic precursor Llorca, J.

Kinetic modelling of catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol by simulated pfizrr Eftaxias, A. Wet air oxidation of pfizer italia srl using active carbon as catalyst Fortuny, A.

Characterisation of copper catalysts and activity for the oxidation of phenol aqueous solutions Alejandre, A. M 2 Tang, Pengyi 2 Yu, Xiaoting 2 Zhang, Ting pfizer italia srl de Leitenburg, Carla 2 Al-Shankiti, I. Papers dealing with reactions and pdizer aimed at the production of commercial products and the remaining aspect of catalysis should pfizer italia srl directed to Applied Catalysis A: General. Enzymatic papers should be directed to Journal of Molecular Catalysis Ppfizer.

You can write your entire procef as per it bayer ag Applied Catalysis B: Environmental guidelines and autoformat it. For example, in case of this journal, when you pfizer italia srl your paper and hit autoformat, it will automatically update your article as per the Applied Catalysis B: Environmental citation style.



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