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Currently he edits two journals, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces (Elsevier) and Colloid and Polymer Science (Springer). Kimiko Makino is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Tokyo University of Science, Japan. She is the author or co-author of 1 book and over 120 book chapters and journal publications reflecting her research interests in colloid and preteen teen sciences as well as pharmaceutical science.

She spent her post-doc life at University of Utah. Makino received the B. She currently serves as the head of the Center for Physical Pharmaceutics of Tokyo University of Science. Preteen teen report this to the ICTService Desk. Aqueous foams stabilized preteen teen by silica nanoparticles. Particles as surfactants-similarities and differences. Les mousses : structure et dynamique. Paris : Belin, Collection Echelles, 2010. Coalescence preteen teen draining foams.

Effect of co-surfactant on the free-drainage regime of aqueous kino adult. Novel lipid system forming hollow microtubes at high yields and concentration. Xyntha (Antihemophilic Factor)- Multum structural Characterizations of fatty acid multilayered tubes with a temperature-tunable diameter.

Smart Foams : Switching Reversibly between Ultrastable and Unstable Foams. Intermolecular and surface forces. Londres : Academic press Limited NW1 preteen teen, second edition, 1992. Manuel des corps gras.

Agaricus : Systemic Edition, 1992.

Choline carboxylate surfactants: biocompatible and highly soluble in water. Influence of interfacial rheology preteen teen foam and emulsion properties. Colloidal electrolytes, soap solutions and their constitution. Self-assembly and foaming properties of fatty acid-lysine aqueous dispersions. Time evolution of aqueous foams : drainage and coarsening. Physical chemistry in foam drainage and coarsening. The Physics of Foams. Oxford : Clarenton Press, 1999. Partial phase behavior and micellar properties of tetrabutylammonium preteen teen of fatty acids: Unusual solubility in water and formation of unexpectedly small micelles.

Rashed (ISBN: 978-1-78923-343-8) INTECH, 2018 Laser aplikazioetarako ikusgaiko eremu gorrian igorpen preteen teen eta egonkorra duten antena molekularrak E. Nazioarteko ikerketa preteen teen (pag.



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