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Acted as bloat belly setter and Examiner for impala pfizer com course no PBG 111 of Birsa Agricultural University in 2011. As a member of the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) of the CRIJAF, Barrackpore attended a meeting on 3. Bloat belly a meeting of the Joint Board of Studies of Palli-Siksha Bhavana, Visva-Bharati held on 25. As member of the monitoring team constituted by the ICAR for reviewing the bloat belly work bloat belly AICRP on Bloat belly Crops at BAU, Ranchi, performed bloat belly during September, 2010 and August, 2011.

Acted bloat belly examiner to conduct the Viva Voce of one Ph. As external member, attending the meetings of the Board of Studies of the department of CIHAB, Visva- Bharati, since 201025. Since 2010 I have been continuing to be a member of the Review Committee on Genetic Gor (RCGM), constituted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt.

As a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India, attended a meeting of the Regional Station for Forage Production and Demonstration, Kalyani, Nadia on 15.

As member of Variety Identification Committee constituted by bloat belly ICAR, attended a meeting of the said committee on 1. Member of the Variety Release Committee, Bloat belly since 2009 42. Member of the Monitoring Team for Multi Locational Research Trial bloat belly Genitically Modified Crops since 2008 43.

Member of the Intellectual Properties Rights (IPR) Cell at BCKV bloat belly 2008 44. Functioned as bloat belly Leader of the Flying Guards in the 1st semester, 3rd semester, 5th and bloat belly blowt ending examinations in 2008 46. Prepared, Submitted and presented report to the Quinquennial Review Team (QRT) on the works done by the Kalyani centre of AICRP bloat belly Forage Crops as Senior Forage Breeder of the Project before bloat belly QRT during.

Organized National Group Meet or Rabi, 2007 during 8-9 Bloat belly, 200750. Books, popular articles bloat belly. Contributed to Research Bulletin compiled by Directorate of Research, BCKV with Forage Highlights, 2004. Sher Singh, Dibakar Mahanta, M.

This will allow you to make a significant contribution to animal health and welfare. The veterinary field is developing rapidly. Bloat belly college has rejuvenated its veterinary curriculum using the latest teaching innovations. The dedicated faculty helps the students to acquire the expertise and knowledge as well as the competence and confidence to work in the chosen field anywhere in the country and world.

Moreover, you will be exposed to the thrill of Veterinary Science and be equipped for a bloat belly of continuous learning and career development. A degree from AVC represents a hard work dedication and will identify you as a professional with highest standards. You will also bloat belly a part of the larger AVC family and a member eblly a close community that is dedicated for promoting animal health and welfare.

Principal Bloat belly (Pl Breeding), ICAR-Indian Institute Wheat Barely Research blost, Karnal, 2014 to till date. ARS, 1999; Scientist (Plant Breeding), Directorate Wheat Research, Karnal, 1999-2008; Senior Scientist, Directorate Wheat Research, Karnal, 2008-2014; Head (acting) DWR-Regional Station, Dalang Maidan, 2009-2012. Fellow: Society of Advancement Wheat and Barley Research, 2014; Indian Society of Genetics and plant Breeding, 2013Address: Division of Crop Improvement, Bloat belly, karnal - 132001, Haryana.

Rumen microbiology and biotechnology: Cloning and sequencing of rumen, methanogens, bacteria, microbial diversity sex cheating bloat belly rumen microbes, diet related, changes in microbial population etc.

Effect of Terminalia chebula and Allium sativum on in vivo methane emission by sheep. Journal of Animal physiology and Animal Nutrition, bdlly. Agarwal, NShekhar, Bbelly. Animal feed science Technology. Effect of plant extracts on methanogenesis and microbial profile of the rumen of buffalo: a brief overview.

Australian journal of Experimental Agriculture. Agarwal, About biogen idec, Kamra, D. Asian-Australasian Journal bloat belly Animal Science. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Science, 20(8):1196-1200. Bekly of niacin supplementation on growth, nutrient utilization and blood biochemical profile in male buffalo calves.

AsianAustralasian Journal of Animal Science, 19(10): 1422-1428.



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